Download Linux. Ubuntu OS, Debian and others. Direct downloads and torrents.


Downlod Linux OS

Special comments in this article will help you to choose and download the appropriate GNU-Linux OS distribution: simple installation disk image or a so called "Live" image, that is able to be loaded and used OS without installation, and to be installed then - if needed. The list below contains a number of links to download a Linux operating system distribution for both professional, workstation or server (Debian, SUSE Linux, CentOS, latest final Ubuntu LTS and openSUSE Linux versions), and home-enthusiast use (Fedora Linux, latest stable Ubuntu and openSUSE Linux versions).

  • Download-links generally belong to Russian mirrors, in particular.
  • All files are free for download.

  • For the direct (http and ftp protocols) download it is highly recommended to use wget, aria (aia2c) programs and analogs/front-ends of those.
  • To download the files with torrent it is recommended to use Transmission, KTorrent, etc.
  • To verify directly downloaded files, check if the hash-sums (SHA) of the originals and downloaded copies are the same.

Download Linux

Download Ubuntu Linux

Latest stable Ubuntu Linux version

"Live" and installation (alternative and sever) disk images for 32- and 64-bit computers with Intel and AMD (x86 и x86_64) processors, and PowerPC-servers. Direct downloads and torrents.

  • *desktop*.iso ~ 1Gb "Live" installation disk-images for a PC with the corresponding desktop.
  • *alternate*.iso Alternative Ubuntu Linux installation disks for computers with less than 700Mb of RAM.
  • *server*.iso - less than 700Mb Ubuntu Linux sever-builds installation CD-disks.

Latest final (LTS) Ubuntu Linux version

All supported Ubuntu Linux versions

For 32- and 64-bit computers, including ARM-processor systems.

Net-boot images. - direct download only

Download Debian Linux

Latest final Debian Linux version - 64-bit (x86_64)

For 64-bit computers only.

"Live" installation disk-images.

  • debian*gnome/kde/xfce-desktop.iso и т.п. "Live" disks with GNOME, KDE, XFCE and other desktops, correspondingly.
  • debian*standard.iso Standard "live" disk - minimal console system to install on server, etc.
Main installation DVDs with free software.

debian-update*.iso - distribution software-package updates.

Latest final Debian Linux version - all architectures

Including 32 and 64-bit computers with Intel и AMD (x86 and x86_64), ARM, PowerPC, etc. processors.

Main installation DVD-images. - direct downloads and torrents

Download openSUSE Linux

Direct downloads and torrents.

  • Every ISO-image in archive corresponds with *.iso.md5 or *.iso.sha* checksum file.

Latest stable openSUSE Linux version

For 64-bit (x86_64) computers with Intel and AMD processors only.

"Rolling release" stable openSUSE Linux Tumbleweed

For 32- and 64-bit com Для 32-х (x86) и 64-битных computers with Intel and AMD processors.

  • openSUSE*GNOME/KDE-Live*.iso ~1Gb - each
    "Live" installation disk images with the corresponding desktops: GNOME and KDE.
  • openSUSE*Rescue-CD*.iso - less than 700Mb
    "Live Rescue" CD-disk.
  • openSUSE*DVD*.iso - more than 4Gb
    The main installation DVD with free software.
  • openSUSE*NET*.iso
    Network-install disks.

Latest final openSUSE Linux version

  • openSUSE*Addon-Lang*.iso - less than 700Mb CD-disk image with additional language packages.
  • openSUSE*Addon-NonOss-BiArch-i586-x86_64.iso
    Proprietary software ("non-OSS" repository).

All supported openSUSE Linux versions

For 32- and 64-bit computers.

A number of different "live" and installation builds.

Download SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE)

Installation disk images (DVD5 и DVD9). Direct download only.

  • You will have to login with a user account in SUSE's infrastructure to download SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • SHA-checksums for verifying downloads are published on the corresponding pages of the archive.

Latest final SUSE Linux Enterprise version

For 64-bit (x86_64) computers with Intel and AMD processors.

All supported SUSE Linux Enterprise versions

Computers with Intel, AMD and PowerPC processors. SUSE, Novell and NetIQ software archive.

Download Fedora Linux

Direct download only.

Latest stable Fedora Linux version - 64-bit (x86_64)

For 64-bit computers with Intel and AMD processors.

"Live" installation disk images, ~ 1Gb each.

  • Fedora-Live-Workstation/KDE/XFCE*.iso и т.п. "Live" installation disks with GNOME/KDE/XFCE desktops correspondingly.
  • Fedora-Live-SoaS*.iso "Live" installation disk with Fedora Linux educational build.
Sever installation CD and DVD-disks. (SHA)

  • Fedora*DVD*.iso - main installation DVD-disk, more than 4Gb.
  • Fedora*netinst*.iso - network installation CD-disk, more than 700Mb.

Latest stable Fedora Linux version - 32 бита (x86)

Any x86-compatible computer.

Latest stable Fedora Linux version - ARM

For 32-bit computers with ARM processors. RAW-images of primary (sda) system disks.

  • Fedora-Workstation/KDE/XFCE*.raw.xz и т.п. System disk images with GNOME/KDE/XFCE desktops correspondingly.
  • Fedora-Minimal*.raw.xz Base system disk.

Download CentOS Linux

Direct download only.

  • CentOS*Everything*.iso - more than 7Gb Main installation disk image (DVD9) with full software set.
  • CentOS*DVD*.iso - less than 4Gb Installation disk (DVD5) with reduced set of software.
  • CentOS*NetInstall*.iso - less than 700Mb Network installation CD-disk.
  • CentOS*LiveGnome/LiveKde*.iso and so on, more than 1Gb - each. "Live" disk-images with GNOME, KDE, etc., accordingly.
  • CentOS*Minimal.iso или img.xz - less than 700 or 400Mb Minimal installation CD-disk (.*iso) or a system-disk image (*.img.xz) with base console CentOS build.

Latest final CentOS Linux version - 64-bit (x86_64)

For 64-bit computers with Intel and AMD processors.

Latest final CentOS Linux version - other architectures

32- and 64-bit computers with Intel and AMD (x86), PowerPC and ARM processors.

sha*.txt checksum-files are located in the corresponding mirror archives.

Download Linux: other distributions

You can also be interested in other GNU-Linux OS distributions: Mint or Mageia Linux - one of so called user-friendly distributions; Slackware, Arch or Gentoo Linux - distributions for advanced users. To download installation and "live" disk-images of these operating system distributions see their official web-pages.